Want to be sponsored?

Sponsor my team, we are pro...

We get hundreds of requests a week from teams who wish to be sponsored by us, if it were financially viable we would sponsor every single one! However this is not the case as for us to function as a business and keep providing you with great services we need to have a solid customer base. We feel our offering and pricing structure is better than anything else out there, some competitiors are slightly cheaper but offer little in the way of esports features, others are more expensive and provide slightly more in the way of customisation and theme editing, this is something we are working hard to match, all while maintianing our pricing structure or even pushing prices down.

So what do we have to do to get sponsored by you?

The list of our requirements are listed below:

  1. You must be able to email us a sponsorship proposal, sending a simple email with little or no information regarding your team, your goals, achievements or aims will yield little in the way of a response from our sponsorship team. The email to send this to is team[at]esportsify.com
  2. You must be using our platform, reference your existing site URL in the step above, this will allow us to bring up all the information about your and your site, it will allow us to assess the traffic your site recieves and therefore the benefits we get from sponsoring you.
  3. If you are already paying for a subscription and you are chosen we will cancel your subscription and place you on our sponsorship subscription, this will waiver your monthly fee and enroll your site into our partnership program.
  4. You need to be active on social media, we don't benefit from teams without significant engagement from their fan base. You will also need at least one of the following:
    • 5000+ followers on Twitter (we will check for fake accounts)
    • 5000+ likes on Facebook

So why can't you just sponsor us without the above?

It's quite simple really, if we sponsor a team with little or no following, in most cases this will be a small team recently formed, the ROI (return on investment) is little to zero, sponsorships work both ways, it's not only about what your team gets, more importantly it's about what you can offer the sponsor, this will then make you attractive in the long term and allow you to be in a position to negotiate with your sponsors. The team has to put in the effort get the sponsors they seek and deserve. No team has an entitlement to sponsorship regardless of the opinion you have of yourself.