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What is Esportsify

Esportsify gives you the power to fully manage your esports presence professionally and easily. With our long list of esports related features and themes there is literally no excuse not to be able to function like a professional esports organisation. Create your squads, manage your results & keep your fans up to date on the latest news, blogs & events. Esportsify is the only platform you need - create your site in less than 2 minutes, it's free!

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    It is incredibly easy to get your site set up and deployed, you'll be up and running in less than a minute!

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    Using our custom built CMS is child's play. Create and manage all your news, matches, squads and more.

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    Now your site is all set up there is no excuse not to impress sponsors fans and attract great players.


Why Esportsify

There is more to running a professional esports team than simply playing your favourite games, if you truly want to succeed you need to function as a business. Our aim is to provide you with all the tools needed to do this. We want to assist in not only appealing to potential sponsors and adding value to them but also allowing you to earn revenue through advertising, product sales, exclusive partnerships and more.


  • Unique CMS

    With Esportsify you have the most powerful content management system available in esports at your fingertips. Control all aspects of your website quickly, easily and hassle free.

  • Beautiful Themes

    Choose from a selection of themes and colour variations (some have over 16 million possible combinations) to truly make your site special. No other service even comes close to the quality of features and themes available.

  • Analytics

    Keep one eye on the traffic that hits your site enabling you to truly show the brand power you possess to potential sponsors and partners. We offer basic traffic stats to all our users and advanced analytics to our premium users.

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All premium packages come with a free 3 day trial.
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